Monday, September 1, 2008

Criss Angel Parody, shot at the Luxor in Las Vegas

Hey guys, its Jess here... Im actually posting a Criss Angel parody video that was shot in Vegas two weeks ago... forgot to do it then, so deal with it...

is the link to my FoD profile... and theres like, a video on there about Auschwitz Vacation Bible Camp, and this video Im posting now, called Jessica Cha as Cristina Angel... i think.. I have a shit memory.

So what has the Jessica been up to since I talked to you all last... not a lot. Ive actually been sick ever since I returned from Vegas... killer headaches, dizziness, fatigue, sneezing, coughing, body aches... its bad.. I think I have some SuperDeath virus...

let's see.. oh yeah, in this thing called Secondlife ( ) I actually made a phenomenal business partner in the Secondlife Celebrity arena... freaking Frolic Mills. Can you believe it?

so what else? Oh, go check out my friend Hayden.. he has a rad radio show and his voice is like liquid panty remover LOL... ( )

and thats about it for now... was gonna head to LA, Vegas or Sacramento this weekend, but opted to stay here and save some spending money instead...

So I am totally zoming out right now..been up since yesterday at 9am... so Im goin on 19 hours... should prolly sleep soon... anyway, thats it, Im done... I will talk to you all later, and please dont forget that you can call my # 702 979 2914

and dont worry, its not my real number, its a net-based voicemail... do u think Im dumb enough to tell you all my number? yeah right lol...


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